Panic Attacks and Disorders

Panic Disorder

What Is a Panic Disorder?

Individuals with a panic disorder often experience unforeseen and repeat attacks. They get to be so frightened that they might have more attacks that they have a panic attack just thinking about having a panic attack. They may also experience fears of going insane or even death.


What is a panic attack?

Those who experience panic attacks describe a sudden surge of fear or distress, which usually includes these four symptoms from the following:

rapid heart beat


trembling and/or shaking

difficulty breathing

difficulty swallowing

pain in the chest area

hot flashes

feeling sick


feeling isolated or alone

tingling or numbness

fear of going crazy or losing control

fear of death

Panic attacks tend to begin rapidly and peak in about 10 minutes and overall last about 20 minutes.



What’s the difference between attacks and disorder?

Attacks are generally regular and having one does not imply that you have a disorder. For instance, in the event that you are feeling stressed out or are overtired, or in the event that you have been doing some sort of strenuous exercise, you may have a some level of panic attack. This does not imply that you have a disorder.

If these attacks become frequent or you become fearful for your well-being, then you may have a disorder. For instance, individuals stress that they will black out, humiliate themselves, hurt themselves or others, go insane, or even die.


Panic disorder, the fits of anxiety are unpredictable. It is normal for individuals with other anxiety or fear issues to have these attacks, however, this does not mean they have a panic disorder. For instance, individuals with a fear of spiders may have a panic attack when they see a spider, however, in this case, the attack is expected and the subject is experiencing fear of the spider and not of a panic attack itself.

Most of the time, people are not afraid of the object, rather they are fearful of the anticipated danger. Notice I said anticipated? Yes, fear is based on our perception and belief that something or someone can inflict harm or death. It’s by thinking these things that fear grows. This is why 2 people can fear different thing as their p[erception of the object and its ability to harm them, can be different.

Middle Age Crisis Syndrome

How to Know You’re Going Through a Middle Age Crisis

The midlife crisis or middle age crisis; A dreaded period of time that typically results in a motorcycle purchase is something that pretty much every woman loathes. While not everyone is going to go through the crisis in much the same way, a majority of men do in fact go through a period of time that is difficult for them to get through. While not everyone is going to run out and buy a motorcycle, there are various other signs that you have likely never even considered that can signal its arrival. In this article, we will be going over some of the different signs of men’s middle age crisis symptoms.


Middle Age Crisis affects everyone in one way or another jpg

Men’s Middle Age Crisis Symptoms:

1. When You Begin to Panic About Health Issues; One of the most common symptoms of knowing that you are going through some kind of mid-life crisis is when you begin to panic over every little health issue that you may face. A lot of men simply go overboard and begin to think that one little simple health complication is the sign that the end is near. This irrational fear is something that presents itself very early on in a man’s midlife crisis.

2. When You Begin to Have More Questions Than Answers; Another common symptom that a lot of men go through is having more questions than answers and literally questioning every aspect of your life. For instance, questions about your career choices, life choices, and death.

3. Spending A Lot of Time in front of A Mirror; Another very common symptom that a lot of men deal with is caring more and more about their own personal appearance. A lot of men might make a sudden dramatic change in their personal appearance, like shaving their head bald or growing a beard, and may even spend a lot more time in front of a mirror checking themselves out before they go out. They may ask, am I getting fat? do I need to lose weight? am I going bald? If you notice that you are spending a lot more time on your appearance when you are going out, you might be going through some kind of mid-life crisis. Regular exercise may help in relieving the stress experienced during this time as well, you may decide to start an exercise program to burn off those extra calories. Check out this article out on the best fat burning plan to lose weight in a week.

4. You may begin to consume alcohol or increase consumption; This is one of the clear and obvious symptoms of a mid-life crisis. Once you begin to drink more it is very likely that you are going through a dramatic period of stress and it may indicate that you need help dealing with it. While not everyone is hardwired to turn to a bottle when going through periods of stress, it is something that a lot of men do. If you think you may have a problem in this area, A.A. is an organization that may be some help.

5. Constantly Wondering “What If”; During a midlife crisis, a man typically begins to consider ‘what if.’ They begin to think about what would have happened if they made a different choice or they chose a different path. This is probably the most common symptom and if you notice yourself doing this, it is very likely that you are going through a mid-life crisis.

As you can see, there are plenty of different symptoms and signs that point towards going through a crisis during your mid-life. Exercise and Healthy lifestyle are the best defense against negative side effects, that may occur.